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Alright, so here’s the thing.

(Pardon the ME! ME! ME! nature of this post.)

I’ve been dutifully writing to a diary since I was 10. It started with being told by my mother to keep a travel journal during our summer vacation in 1999. This included trips to everywhere from Florida, to Europe, to Missouri. Somewhere along the way, chronicling my experiences stopped being an assignment & became… duty. A personal duty that I obligated myself to. At 10, I worried that somewhere between Pensacola & Hamburg, I wouldn’t write down a moment & it would be lost forever. I’d never remember to tell my grandchildren about the doll in the window that I fell in love with in a Belgium town square. I would forget about the time that we visited the Arch & it was so windy, I thought it would blow over. & so I wrote. Maybe out of self-induced guilt. But the diary from that summer is a great read, nonetheless.

For awhile in high school, I was able to maintain an actual written diary that lived under my mattress while I also kept up with the trend that was sweeping the halls at school – Xanga. The actual diary held all of my secrets – Abundant boy troubles, drama with friends (& “friends) & frustration with parents or teachers. A typical teenage girl’s end-of-the-world problems. It also held my poetry, love notes to a future husband, verses & sketches. My soul. Xanga started fading amongst friends, but I kept writing under my anonymous pen names, eventually moving to LiveJournal as I started college.

When college began, I tried to make an effort to write in my real diary once a month. It didn’t last long. Between homework assignments, new friends & a new long distance boyfriend with whom I spent all of my free time talking to on the phone, LiveJournal became my outlet. I vented, I waxed poetic. Stream of conscience entries written to an invisible, online audience was the therapy that got me through college.

I’ve forged a long cyber path of my thoughts over the last 10 years. When I began discovering blogs & blog communities, I was obsessed. I think DesignSponge & Oh Joy! were my first doses of what a blog could really be. As such, I moved into the design focused realm of the blogging internet, which helped shape (& justify) my then-recent shift to an event planning major. I started a pathetic attempt at a wedding blog, because OnceWed took over my life as I looked forward to getting engaged & started coordinating weddings on the side. It’s really embarrassing. In fact, I think I deleted all of it ;)

Sitting in Our Tree started budding in my mind the summer before we got married. The guilt of not writing in a diary kept me up some nights, especially as we planned our wedding. But the stress of a new job on top of planning a wedding had kept me from doing much of ANYTHING. I, like everybody else, discovered Cup of Joe, Rockstar Diaries & The Daybook blogs (along with many more than I care to admit to) & dove headfirst into the PERSONAL blog realm. How lovely – Somewhere to document our life as a married couple! & so Sitting in Our Tree was born. An effort to document our lives, for us to look back on & remember some of those little memories. Bottling up conversations & adventures & sealing them tight.

It’s been weird writing here, though. It’s difficult to find a voice that’s approachable, easy-to-read & non-controversial. I’ve ended up censoring myself because of a fear of personal circles conflicting with a public blog. It’s easier to present the nice & shiny - To throw up some pictures, write four sentences & call it a day.

But the truth is – I’m an awkward, sarcastic, wordy person. I talk a lot & write even more. (As demonstrated by my 800+ words on this post alone.) & that’s just the way I've always been. (My older sister’s travel journal from Summer ’99 involved sentences like, “We took a carriage ride through the misty English countryside, drawn by a beautiful, dappled horse named Dill.” My experience was more like, “We were STARVING & it seemed like sitting in a box pulled by a horse was only making me hungrier for another apricot pastry like we’d had on the train.”) I've only just realized that THIS is my corner to write, rather than post my broody, dramatic pictures, or 140 characters worth of absolute Kelsey nonsense.

So, THE POINT IS that I’m going to start writing more often on this little blog. WHAT A NOVEL IDEA, I know. Sometimes, it may just be some pictures & 4 sentences. But I think this is a step in the right direction for me right now. The FORWARD direction. & I am all about some onward & upward, friends.

This post was more for me than it was for you, I suppose. It's just time for reflection & changes, you know?


  1. I understand the censoring to be non-controversial thing; Good for you.

  2. I FULLY support this change of direction. My favorite blogs are those that are personal, honest, and real. Good for you. :)

  3. we're more alike than i was initially aware of. this is probably why we're friends. and i love you. a lot.


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