sunday best

shirt - j. crew | cardigan - h&m | tie - gap | jeans - cotton on | boots - thrifted

dress - francesca's | cardigan - f21 | tights - tj maxx | loafers - old navy 

One reason I know we're not anywhere near ready to be homeowners is the fact that I still can't understand why you'd prioritize keeping your lawn alive over just letting it be covered in beautiful, fall leaf glory. Because, really, what's more practical than standing in your lawn, throwing leaves into the air, giggling? 

Can you believe it's Thanksgiving week? We hosted a little friendsgiving event last night that involved A LOT of pie, & I've had to practice some serious self-control today to not over-indulge on pie too soon. But one of the pies I made MAY have had the words triple, chocolate & pumpkin in it... So YOU try staying out of the fridge with that taunting you. Jared's all like, anti-sweets these days, so he doesn't identify with my struggle. I'm alone in this fight. That also means MORE PIE FOR MEEEE. Heaven help me. ;)

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