shirt: j. crew (christmas prezzie - thanks, mama!) | necklace: nordstrom | pants: h&m | loafers: old navy

We FAIL with all caps on the Sunday Best front these days. As if it were a thing of years gone by. Jared's just been workin' an awful lot of Sunday mornings, & I lose 1. motivation & 2. my photographer. But sweet Chelsea always has her camera at her side & took some Friday Best (ehhh, not a thiiiing...) pictures during our donut date this past weekend.

We pretty much spent the whole time trying to hide my finger bandage. Which I'm proud to say has dwindled down to a couple of band-aids after a really miserable visit to the hand specialist doctor who I'm not proud to say practically ripped the stitches out of my poor finger. Didn't even offer to buy me a drink, just made some small talk then dove right in. IT WAS AWFUL & I deserved every bite of that donut.

I'm gonna think on this style post stuff & get back to you when my better half is around to distract you with his fabulous hair & general swagger. (*salute* General Swagger.)

I leave you with this: STOP WATCHING DOWNTON ABBEY RIGHT NOW. We've cheated & already watched all of Season 3, finishing with the Christmas Special last night & I'm heartbroken when I say, OMG. IT'S TERRIBLE. Just save yourself & just say NO to Downton today. I don't know how it can redeem itself.

Other than that, this week should be great! ;)


  1. I REALLY like the salute.
    I REALLY don't like your doctor. What a jerk!

  2. I love everything about this polka-dotted post.


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