our snow day

We don't see snow but maybe once a year in our little southern city, so when the snowflakes begin to pile on top of one another, everyone pretty much drops what they're doing. & for once! my drive home from work in the snow didn't mean sitting in snow-induced traffic for 3 hours because for once! I live 8 minutes from my work! & so... Chelsea & I shared a little snow-to shoot (see what I did there?) while we waited for Jared to rescue us with snow snacks.

We met THREE golden retrievers on our traipse through the snow, which has launched my puppy fever into DEFCON 1.There's just something especially jovial about golden retrievers frolicking in the snow. If I hadn't know that before from years of golden retriever ownership, 14 month old Izzy certainly would have shown me.

I miss snow in the winter.We would love to live somewhere again that actually experiences a snow-filled winter, even if it's just for a few years of white Christmases & re-learning how to snowboard. But I do love the awe that the citizens of Norfolk have for the snow - The pause as the city stops & inhales real cold weather. It's pleasant. It's a little bit magical. Even the dogs know it.

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  1. Lovely post. It definitely helped that I was listening to the bon iver station on pandora while reading & looking.

    I really love when that happens.
    & I need to meet this Chelsea lady.


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