some other things about january

IN JANUARY, I learned about fainting & how not to do it. When you awake in the middle of the night to your husband running to the bathroom because that dern flu has finally caught up with him, you may be tempted to jump out of bed to get him some water & offer wifely support in his moment of weakness. But lo! Never. jump. out. of. bed. Apparently going from laying down to standing up too quickly can mess up your blood pressure (makes sense), which results in some really awful symptoms like tunnel vision, cold sweats, nausea, loss of hearing, & ends in blackout. With you on the floor. Next to your sick husband who is thoroughly freaked out. Just don't jump out of bed.

IN JANUARY, my little finger continued to heal wonderfully & I can ALMOST bend it again. It's a lot less franken-finger now, & that's all I can really ask for. I'm also really pleased to announce that I'm now an ambidextrous shaver. So, that's useful.

IN JANUARY, I realized just how blessed I am to have a next door neighbor friend when our 478 yr. old toilet clogged & we didn't have a plunger. A true friend opens the door for you to run in when you send a 911 text about having to "peeeee reaaaaal baaaaaad" & "would you please come with me to buy a plunger?" Love you, Chels.

IN JANUARY, the quest to watch all the Best Picture nominees continued as we knocked Argo & Silver Linings Playbook off the list. I would highly recommend both. & I can tell you, I'm not watching Life of Pi. I know they say it's amazing, but I avoid animal movies at all costs because HOLLYWOOD ALWAYS KILLS THE ANIMALS. So. Yeah.

IN JANUARY,  Jared & I had real good conversations about this coming year. & I became a little more amazed at the places God has brought us & how we move each other forward. That Jared... He's just the wind in my sails, & the air in my lungs. January was lovey.

So now, it's February. & I'm just so excited for what it has to offer. Hopefully some silliness. Hopefully no ER visits. Hopefully a lot of the same forward motions that January offered. 2013 & I are getting along juuuust fiiiiiiine.

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  1. our friendship comes with so many perks ;) i love these monthly posts!! Xo


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