sunday best with emma

dress - f21 + chelsea's closet // tights - target // wedges + sunnies - h&m // lips - revlon super lucious "siren"

It's pretty hard to eliminate pictures when there's a cute pooch making all sorts of ridiculous faces throughout the batch. Emma is my parents' golden retriever & today, got to play the role of Jared's stand-in. She's more red than golden. & she's pretty much a tank. But she's probably the sweetest thang there is. Even if she's not really into modeling.

These are sort of celebratory pictures, as this is the first time since last Saturday that I've put any effort into my appearance. I'm positive that my coworkers have forgotten that I have a figure/facial features. But I'm more than positive that our couch thinks I'm beautiful in greeeey sweatpaaaaants & no maaaaake-uuuuup... (Take it away, John.)

But I'm BETTER! & nothing says better like electric blue tights.


because lezz be frandz.