sunday best

 shirt - j. crew // cardigan - h&m // bowtie - the tie bar // watch - timex (vintage), j.crew band

peplum top - f21 // skirt - f21 // tights - target // heels - h&m // fantail necklace & locket - antique

It's not Sunday.

& to make matters worse, these weren't taken on a Sunday. It was a Monday. (I would never take my J.Lo booty to church in that skirt, for the record.) But I've been trying to figure out where this style post thing fits in to our blog because we both really enjoy it, to be honest... & it turns out that Sunday Best fits us better than any other cheesy series name. The new plan is to share style posts just on Sundays, regardless of what day we actually managed to get out of work clothes & into our faaaaancy clothes. Or not so fancy. Whatever.

It's not Sunday. I know. But a month after I got really sick for the first time in nearly two years, & two weeks after I sliced my finger open in three places, & a week after Jared had the stomach flu... I managed to get myself sick again. So, you get Sunday Best pictures. On a Tuesday. Because I think I threw out my creativity with the last mound of tissues.

& that's okay, because the same man that willingly traipses around the woods for blog pictures only to be paid in kisses also enjoys taking really good care of me when I'm sick, only to be paid in kisses blown from the nest I've made on the couch. He's a saint. A saint who knows just how I like my tea, & that forehead kisses have healing powers. It doesn't get much better than that.

big thanks to chelsea for taking these pictures for us!

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