pink sunsets

Sometimes you drop everything you're doing to run outside & enjoy a sunset.
Sometimes you have a million pictures to blog from the weekend, but MAN. That sunset!
Because sometimes, it's these little moments that you know you'll want to remember the most.
The little moments that aren't really so little as much as they are short, because suns set fast.
Little, big moments of a burning, pink sunset & Love Eyes from the man you adore the most.


  1. Gorgeous! The sun, the couple...all of it. Little moments make the best blog posts. :)

  2. I was in my [stupid] spanish class & I peeked at the wide wall of windows behind me & spotted the remnants of this very sunset. I kept trying to draw attention to it by making gasping sounds & pointing, but no one, I repeat, NO ONE paid any attention. Thank you for appreciating something I appreciate as well. And for not being stuck in a classroom; allowing you to take pictures of its magnificence.



because lezz be frandz.