with amelia

The day I traced my finger along the campus map to figure out where COMM 103 was, I realized it was really the only corner of campus that I hadn't already explored during my first week of college. When I walked up to the building, I definitely wrinkled my nose a little bit at the building that looked like it had been placed there in 1973 & then left to fend for itself against the outdoor elements & indoor college students.

It only got worse when I walked into the classroom, & was greeted by a professor who looked like she had been placed there in 1973 & left to fend for herself, as well.
Then there was the awkward where-do-I-sit dance. There were several sophomores already in their seats that had obviously shared classes with each other before, chatting away & even *gasp* talking to the professor. I felt like SUCH a freshman in that moment. I picked a chair in a row that was uncomfortably far from the door, but I had already walked too far into the classroom to turn back. DOOMED, I thought.

(This next part is where it might start sounding like a love story. #soulmates #noshame)
& THEN SHE WALKED IN. She was pretty & tan & kinda a hippie & totally a freshman. I could just tell. I AM A FRESHMAN! She had really (really) long hair, down to her waist. & white shorts. I HAVE WHITE SHORTS! &... could it be?? Is that an American Eagle logo on her shirt? I. LOVE. AMERICAN EAGLE!

Now, let me be clear. This was 2006 - Approximately 458 freshman girls on campus fit that description . But, in that moment, I felt compelled to be her friend. We freshmen had to stick together. Plus, I really liked her hair.
So, when she sat behind me, you can understand that I was like, brushing my hair behind my ear to show off the American Eagle logo on my polo. (Yes, polo.) Smooooooth.

It took a few more classes for us to start talking. There were a couple "pair up" assignments that we worked on together. We learned first names & plotted to submit photos of our professor to What Not to Wear. One day, we were encouraged to go visit the Communications department's ice-cream social for extra credit. I wasn't going to go, but she convinced me to go with her.
& then, something happened. We were together, outside of the classroom which had previously been the boundaries of our friendship. & we couldn't stop chatting. The ice-cream social was a total bust. (No mint chocolate chip ice-cream? NO THANKS.) So, in typical 2006 fashion, we headed to the poster shop that had been set-up on campus. Best decision ever, in case you're ever trying out a new friendship. In the poster shop, our conversation went something like this:

"Oooo, I love this movie!"
"Omg, me too! Almost as much as I love this band..."
"Really? The first song on the album reminds me of my boyfriend..."

Or something very pathetically close to that.
Turns out, our dating anniversaries (remember those?) were exactly a year & a day apart. Turns out, we had a LOT in common. Turns out, we were supposed to be friends. I had no idea that one of her friends from high school was also my only friend in my English class that lived a floor above me. So, a few days later when I got invited to Grey's Anatomy Night upstairs, I walked in the door & saw a pink butterfly chair, with Amelia sitting in it. & we chatted. & we sort of haven't stopped chatting ever since.
All I can say is this: thank goodness for COMM 103 & the row of chairs that was uncomfortably far from the door. A friendship began in that row of chairs that I would be a very different person without. I could never have known how important those white shorts & Death Cab for Cutie posters were going to be, but God totally did. We've had our ups & downs. Our distant times & our disagreements. But with Amelia, there is never any looking back. I think that's maybe what I like best about her, actually. With Amelia, you just keep looking ahead to really bright & sunshiney tomorrows.

& guys, that's how my life with Amelia began.

Oh, & p.s. then-boyfriends are both now-husbands. In case you were wondering.


  1. This is incredible. Such soul mates. i love you and cherish our friendship with all my heart. So excited to see where our friendship takes us in the years to come!

  2. Also, I think this blog post needs a sister blog post from my perspective. Coming soon :)


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