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You may already know (from my instagram profile & various mentions on the blog) that Jared sings. I know a lot of people sing, but Jared SINGS. Homeboy is a classically trained singer, to the extent that the first time my mom heard him singing from our piano room, she told me to turn down the Josh Groban c.d.

Right after I saw Les Mis in theaters back in January, I caught that bug that so many of us had. The can't-stop-humming-or-singing-the songs-from-Les-Mis bug. It lasted probably a week, thank goodness, because I don't know it THAT well & was making up a lot of the words...Which wasn't okay, because Les Miserables is Jared's jam. The musical of all musicals for his musical-theater soul. He respects it. He loves it. & the words "dream role" are frequently found in conjunction with the word "Javert" in our household.

Whilst in the thick of my contracted Les Mis Bug, we had dinner at my parents' house. My finger still had it's giant bandage on (I'm trying to see how many posts I can work the finger into), so I begged & pleaded with Super Musical Little Sister to sight-read some of the songs on the piano. I wailed my little heart out to a few of the songs before Jared entered the room & started to sing "Stars," his musical anthem. Other Little Sister secretly took video of him singing, which I didn't find out till last night.

ALL OF THIS BACK STORY JUST TO INTRODUCE THE VIDEO BELOW. SHEESH. Last night, I was back at my parents, cuddling with their golden doodle (obvi) & Lissy came over to show me the video she'd secretly captured. Ellie (the doodle) is completely infatuated with Jared, so as soon as he started singing in the video, she flopped her head over & watched the. whole. thing. With her little eyebrows raising when he'd hit a high note. I died a little from the cuteness.

So here. An iphone video of a golden doodle watching an iphone video. MY GIFT TO YOU.

[I *technically* should run this by Jared before clicking post due to the whole singing on the internet thing, 
but I'm the wife & I say his voice is amazing.]

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