kelsey vs. the immersion blender

It was a simple recipe. Tomatoes in parmesan cups. But we didn't have a food processor, & I wanted to get them started early because my Arbonne party was starting in two hours. I still needed to sweep & move chairs around, YA KNOW? So, I got out the immersion blender. THIS immersion blender, to be exact. Close enough, right? 

Long, gross, bloody story short - The immersion blender bit me. I immediately got mad that I'd ruined my party, as Jared grabbed the new insurance cards that had just arrived that day (thanks, God!), car keys and my purse & drove me to Patient First in rush hour traffic. Patient First jabbed me with a billion needles before deciding I needed to go to the ER. ... 7 hours, 1 chipped bone, 2 xrays, 9 shots & 10 stitches later, we finally arrived at our party-ready home.

This is the third time in my life that I've gotten stitches, & I'm finally coming to terms with the fact that I 1. am a careless person & 2. should just stay away from the kitchen. But! God continues to protect me & Jared didn't pass out... In fact, he was quite the knight in shining armor.

Needless to say, we will be purchasing a food processor.

It's taken me 4x as long as it normally would to type this post. & I'm due up for some Vicodin. YUM!


  1. Oh, that sounds so miserable. Needles...blood...pain. Ugh. Sorry that happened to you, and so thankful that it wasn't worse. Which leads me to my next point. I'm not so sure a food processor is such a good idea. What with your kitchen accident-proneness...could you imagine the massacre?! Take care of yourself, K!

    1. YES, but the food processor has like... protective elements! On top of the fact that I won't be blending anything any time soon ;) Jared's got that corner of the Bethune kitchen covered for the rest of eternity.


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