big ol' wings

Last Friday, I put in my months notice at my current job.

But let me back up.

This past September, my 24th birthday was rapidly approaching, & I was beginning to feel claustrophobic. I wrote about it here, because that sinking feeling of "Now what?" was taking over & it was all I could think about (... as my favorite college professor would say, "Don't think - Write!"). For some reason, 24 seemed like a very menacing age, full of either huge potential or missed opportunities. 
Obviously, I'm far from reaching any conclusions. In the mean time, I'll be reaching for truths. Constant truths to draw close to my soul & find rest in. Like love & the Word & this steamy mug of frothy goodness sitting in front of me.
So, I pursued the truths I knew to be invariable in my life: God's promises, my personality traits, Jared's commitment to our family of two, unconditional support from our families & friends, unwavering ambitions, my work ethic... These static truths gave me the gumption I needed to dare to move forward & make a change. A big, BA change. Right before Christmas, with the encouragement of a very dear friend & a very dear husband, I laid out the pros & cons, & guess what? Huge Potential won. 

Right now, there's one more month of events ahead of me before I dive into this next big... Adventure? Chapter? *insert analogy for flipping your life upside down here* Lots of little things are being finalized, & just as soon as they are, I'll spill the beans. (To be clear, these are definitely not the baby kind of beans.)

It's pretty scary. I'm *usually* a pretty logical person who wants all the pieces laid in front of them before fitting said pieces nicely together. Alphabetized. Color coordinated. Perhaps with a table of contents. & let me tell ya, this "leap of faith" kinda business doesn't really like being told what to do. But that sinking feeling is fading, & underneath those nervous butterflies are butterflies with "FIERCE" tattooed on their big ol' wings, flapping their hardest to keep me moving upward & onward.

& really, I'm enjoying the ride.


  1. I am hoping you're doing something like...I don't know...starting your OWN business?!!! SO excited to see what you're next thing IS!!


because lezz be frandz.