oh, what a day

It just wasn't that long ago that the end of June 2013 seemed so far away.  A very far away time that held a closed chapter & an open door, along with oh-who-knows what else in between. It's somehow here & every day, I'm answering questions at work about my last day & what I'm doing next. The answers have started to roll off my tongue, & I've mastered the answering them in a most confident tone. 50% of the time, I actually am feeling that confident. The other half, I'm feeling like I'm doing the right thing but ohhh lawd, does failing sound so not awesome.

I'm drowning a little bit right now, to be honest... But the best kind of drowning there is. Like, in cream cheese frosting or that lotion that they jump you with in the middle of the mall. I'm finishing my last week at a job that has been nothing but good to me, & I'm stepping forward into a great unknown, with God all around me.

Life hasn't been all that photogenic. It's been a lot of working, a lot of apartment hunting (yep, again), & mostly just a lot of busy. I can't wait to join life on the other side of an 8 hour day in the office & 16 hour event days. I'm sure these introspective posts are getting a little old, but it's either this, or silence, or pictures of our laundry. Someone get me a dog, already, right??

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  1. first of all, i love your blog!! i found it through eat.sleep.cuddle and i'm your newest follower

    I hope everything works out for you! i totally know what it feels like to be drowning in.. cream cheese frosting ;)

    enjoy your weekend!
    andrea brionne


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