father's day at the ocean

 Well, it's been awhile since I had a good ol' fashion photo dump around these parts!

Sunday was the kind of day that as an east-coast-beach-dweller, we awoke & knew that being in the ocean was not optional that day. There's a breeze that floats in under the humidity & heat, & it just sort of hums around you until you put the swimsuit on, grab the beach quilt & hit the road with Van Morrison blaring through the speakers.

It worked out that it happened to be Father's Day & my dad is always up for some beach. My entire family ended up riding out together & soaking in the seaside sunshine. I realized once we arrived & mom started unpacking her Mary Poppins bags that I still have so much to learn from my sensei. She somehow brings sandwiches, snacks, drinks, hats, chairs, umbrellas... ALL of the things required to spend like, 6 hours in the sand without batting an eye at your watch, & does it daintily. No wheelbarrow with 3 ft. diameter wheels required. She's a miracle worker, that lady.
There's something very defining about watching your 6-month-old niece experience the beach for the first time. According to her face, the waves were the most amazing thing she had experienced in her 172 days of life, except when they were terrifying & cold. I just think the beach is so much more fun when there are kiddos around. Can't wait to make that husband of mine a papa so we can spend our own Father's Day in the waves, someday.

To my wonderful dad - You, sir, like a fine wine, are just getting better with age. It's such a joy to watch you become Poppy. You're a natural, but keep practicing for my little babies ;) Thank you for always being there & supporting me & Jared. & happy Father's Day to both of our wonderful fathers & brothers. You are all great men & such wonderful impacts on our lives. I also think that you're all pretty funny, which is an added bonus. Love you!

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