back in the swing of things

I'm getting back into the swing of things around here, mostly adjusting to life not in the office & figuring out how to make my days productive. This includes investigating what exactly our neighbors one wall over are doing to make horrific slamming noises at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, purging my closet of clothes I've kept since high school (because they still fit! But no, not actually, they've merely stretched with me WHEEEEEE) & singing the Newsies soundtrack just as loudly as I darn well please to the amusement of the landscaping crew outside the window. After all of this, I take to the windowsill to watch the birds fly while pondering, "When do you actually stop seething with jealousy over your high school classmates who are now living in New York City?"

Ahem. I'm also working real real hard on getting my new job up & running. I've been accused of not updating my blog frequently enough this summer (to which I say MY BLOG, MY RULES) but it's true. I have neglected this wee babe of a blog. I'm diligently working on getting St. Louis trip photos posted, & just... planning, in general. So much planning.

This is so boring, haha! But bear with me. Prettiest of pleases?

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