home again

 a little fair in the middle of nowhere, kentucky

Hullo! We returned from our Midwest adventure on Friday afternoon, with about 1800 photos to sort through & oh-so-much-sleep to catch up on. You know how you always need a vacation from vacation? Yeah, that was our last 48 hours - sleep & How I Met Your Mother on Netflix. So much driving... So much corn field. But! The best friend is married & honeymooning, the extended family members have been hugged, & Jared has officially been introduced to Busch Stadium + the disgustingly delicious phenomenon that is White Castle. (He hated it & still isn't ready to talk about it.) Lots of fun, & OH will there be photo documentation on this here blog!

Part of our vacation recovery weekend included the beach yesterday, & we both sort of burned. A lot. Turns out that you can burn the underside of your wrist, which I've only just now discovered as I uncomfortably type with my laptop digging into my wrist sunburn. But I'll be back! Definitely with photos, but also aloe vera.

ps // As a teeny update, our lease was automatically renewed 10 days earlier than we thought it would be, so we're apparently staying in this little home for one more year. While a lower rent at a new apartment would have been nice, I am just thrilled to pieces that I'm not packing boxes right now.

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