midwest trip - at the ballpark

BACK AT THE RANCH... After 7 years of together-ness, I finally got to bring Jared to my midwest stomping grounds. My grandparents have lived either in St. Louis or right outside of it my entire life, so seeing the Arch from the backseat of the car was always the sign that a long journey was over &  grandparents were near.

The first 3 requirements to marrying an Essmann girl are pretty well-known. 1) Must have a love or high tolerance for musicals, movies made in the 50's & Beauty & the Beast 2) Must shower the dogs with love & affection 3) Must commit to a lifetime of undying, passionate loyalty & devotion to the great St. Louis Cardinals. Let the record show that the rest of these requirements involve beer, swearing an oath of some sort to my father & passing the Trent (our cousin/closest thing we have to a brother) test.

Jared committed to the life of a Cardinals fan pretty early on in our relationship, but I think his allegiance was really sealed during the 2011 World Series. I hadn't been to a game since the new stadium was opened, so attending a game this summer was really non-negotiable. In fact, we may have swapped around our vacation dates based on their home schedule.

Are you freaked out yet? If it makes you feel better, both my parents are St. Louis natives, so this enthusiasm runs deep in my (Cardinal red) blood.

 Perhaps not the most flattering picture, but it was pretty great watching everyone convene to the kitchen in their unique Cardinals garb before we left. I took the lips + hat route, just to balance things out ;)
This is the Trent I spoke of before. Super menacing, right? Love you, cuzzzz.
We sent the adults & the underaged on ahead to the stadium while the big kids made a pit stop at the brewery down the street.
 Smells like baseball.
Pretty excited to see that this was who was throwing the first pitch.
This was during the 9th inning when we almost gave up an 8 run lead.
As the great Jack Buck would say.
Happy Bethunes!

All in all, a really fun evening. Especially since the last time I was at a game, Mark McGwire hit one of his 70 homeruns (I know, I know), Jim Edmonds was still running the outfield & 9 year old Kelsey was telling her dad not to worry - She was going to marry a baseball player so he could get better seats.

Marrying a guy who wears baseball shirts is close, right?

Up next - A day at the St. Louis Zoo (because I just can't get enough of zoos)!

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