a chinese date

1. Hot date
2. Mojito for me, whiskey sour for him                                     3. Flourless chocolate cake - OH.MY.YUM

4. Fortune cookies with stupid fortunes

Our Sunday date night at P.F. Changs...
Which, while typical, is still somehow delicious.
I had an event that afternoon in the 178 degree weather, so by the time I got home, I was cranky and hungry.
& let me tell you... I'm a real peach when I'm hungry. ;)
& then we came home & watched stand-up comedy from the 80's for hours.
Me & my Jared.
My Jared & I.
& it was really good.
It was good to just be.

& now he's sick,
so I'm going to make him some tea.

xo, kelsey

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  1. We do Chinese for lunch EVERY Sunday...look at us, so similar yet again. :) Also, never had a Mojito, though I've been meaning to. Thanks for the reminder. Also ALSO, it IS so great to just be, isn't it?! Make it happen more often.... :)


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