the weekend's end.

Oh, to be curled up in a ball like this little mutt.
Just looking at this picture makes me crave a rainy day nap.

I took this on Saturday after the dogs were given baths in preparation for the family's arrival.
I can't even tell you how many dog pictures there are on my phone now.
Turning into that person? Guuuuilttyyyyy.
Hopefully, this marks the end of the puppy pictures.
But I make NO promises.

Jared & I went on a date on Sunday night and spent aaaaall day together yesterday
(since Mondays are our day off)...
but have had to part ways again to return to our regular work schedules.

My best friend from high school is in town this week,
(who, coincidentally, introduced Jared & I, so we really like her!)
& we've planned a picnic date at the beach this evening while Jared works.
She's bringing her stinkin' adorable 2 yr. old son, Evan,
 & I have high hopes of snapping some pictures...
but he's not a huge fan of holding still, so we'll see ;)
At 2 years old, he's got a lot of world to see, & I totally understand.

Holding still is overrated.

xo, kelsey

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  1. I'm turning into "that" person, too!! I've got to get this taking-pictures-of-Royal thing under control. If this is any indication of my photography habits of little ones in my house...watch out. I'm going to need to make some room on the computer for photo uploads. Yikes.


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