Just Because Flowers

These are Just Because flowers.

Just Because flowers are nothing new.
Jared has always been "that guy"...
He's had flowers delivered at every place I've ever worked.
He's tucked flowers into my windshield wipers.
He's brought flowers to me on campus.
Birthdays, anniversaries, Tuesdays.
Yeah... that guy.

No, I know.
My man is sweet, and he's mineallmine.

These flowers were acquired on the drive home from our 4th of July weekend in Fredericksburg.
We were close to Williamsburg, humming along to Jamie Cullum,
watching a huge storm roll into Hampton Roads in front of us.
Jared tossed a bandana at me & tells me to put it on...
There's something he wants to show me.
So, with a smile on my lips & bewilderment in my eyes,
I put it on, of course.
I feel the car pull over.
I may have peeked.
But you would have, too.

There's my husband,
crossing the interstate to the median,
picking wildflowers.

He gets back into the car, where I *put back on &* take off my blindfold,
& hands me a bouquet of Queen Anne's Lace and lilac wildflowers,
& says,
"I figured that since I have something pretty to look at on the drive home,
you should, too."

I can't make this stuff up.
He's just that dreamy.

xo, kelsey

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