Fredericksburg - Part III

We took the older two babies on a trip to Krispy Kreme in the Cabrio,
in what was their first ride in a convertible. (Read: VERY exciting)
They were quite thrilled with our car without a top - Less thrilled with the unavoidable wind.
But we all agreed that while you can have many favorite desserts...
Donuts are of the best.

[& because I'm still new at this photo blogging,
& maybe a little because we were having too much fun playing rather than photographing,
here ends the Fredericksburg posts.
Part of our trip was a bridal/groomsie shoot with Korie,
& we had to reschedule.
Fredericksburg 2.0 will be here before we know it.]

xo, kelsey

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  1. Super cute.
    I wish someone had documented my first ride in a convertible. :)


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