iphone does: virginia fashion week

Since a 5k got Jared & I up to Richmond to spend a weekend in the Coulomb's brand new house, it seemed fair to entice the Coulomb's to make a trip down to Norfolk to visit our new apartment by dangling a fashion show in front of Amelia's nose. Allison, Amelia & I got a little gussied up & headed over to the Virginia Fashion Week's Couture show. Drank a little wine, played with some  SPCA kittens (our city loves some SPCA), pretended like we were totally part of the fashion scene... You know. Fashion Week stuff.

I'm not going to lie, it was a little... local? I can't say disappointed, because I experience the Big 4 fashion weeks via bloggers, gossip columnists & my big imagination, so I don't have any real life experience to compare it to. But, we can at least say we went out, supported local models/designers/whoever was sponsoring the cash bar, & hey! PLAYED WITH KITTENS.

Thanks for the evening out, Norfolk!

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