so nosey

Last Friday, Jared left town for a camping trip with the boys, & I went out with some friends with the intentions (+ Jared's blessing) of eating good food & coming home with my nose pierced. A birthday present to myself, of sorts. Apparently, 24-year-old Kelsey makes 17-year-old Kelsey's dreams come true! 

I came oh so very close to piercing my nose back in freshman year of college, but it seemed like every girl on my hall was doing it, so after much deliberation, I talked myself out of. Like tattoos, I figured that if I still wanted one in 5 years, I would go through with it then. It's somehow SIX years later & the desire to put a hole in my nose has never really gone away. I know it's a little silly, & to some it's probably pretty trashy, but I'm happy with it! YOLO. Ugh, let's pretend I didn't just type YOLO. Twice.

Sitting here, staring at my dry lips in the above pictures is making me want to drink 4 gallons of water. My event yesterday had me outside from o'dark thirty until 6:00 p.m., with two red bulls & a capri sun in between. Event season does NOTHING pleasant for my eating/drinking habits. Good thing I come home to a guy that likes to 1. eat healthy 2. cook every night. He keeps me alive between April & October. God knew just what He was doing when he sent Jared Bethune my way. Yes, He did.

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