rainy monday

BLOG SILENCE. Again! I have no excuses. I wrote a giant entry today, but I'm having some formatting troubles with getting it posted, so I gave up & uploaded a picture from Jared's phone instead. Tadaaaa! It's been so gloriously rainy the last two days, with chilly weather to boot. More proof that I was made for the Northwest, in my opinion.

I just realized this is the New Hair Color Debut on the Tree. Hair, blog... Blog, hair. I'm pretty excited to have something new to look at on my head. I even fought the bangs bug that's been going around & came out victorious. (I make no promises for the future months.) Big ol' thanks to Wynter for being the best hair stylist around. In fact, go listen to her music HERE. She's just raging talent, that girl.

I'm going to try to be more interesting this week. ;)

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