saturday best - AKA style

Things you need to know: 
-Sometime during sophomore year of college, Allison, Amelia & I started calling ourselves the AKA. It's been our standard photo pose ever since. (& over five years, that spans quite the spectrum of embarrassment, let me tell you.)
-It's only just now dawned on me how wonderfully coordinated we were, so that's nice & bff-y! 
-I'm not actually a towering giant. In fact, I stand at a very average 5'6.
-My friends are absolute dolls.
-If you look real hard, you can see the polo shirt tan line I've worked really hard on all summer at my outdoor work events.
-Allison's pants & Amelia's purse are the real show stoppers here.
-But isn't that also such a nice stucco wall?

We learned in my last post that local fashion weeks aren't really anything to write home about. But, by gum, it was fun to feel fancy with two beautiful ladies for the evening.

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  1. um, our unintentional coordination is kinda creepy and cute and definitely bff-y. i noticed that well before i read the entry. : ) we're fun.


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