a day in d.c.

This is perhaps the saddest gathering of photos to ever attempt to represent a day-cation. EVER. It's true - I left our camera in the suitcase while we wandered around our nation's beautiful capitol, & the only thing making me feel better about that? The cherry blossoms hadn't bloomed yet. In fact, they bloomed the day after we left. Sooo...

Lack of cherry blossoms aside, it was a really perfect 24 hours of D.C. & my man, all to myself. I had given him tickets to see Noah Gundersen (one of his very favorites) at Jammin' Java in Vienna, so we made a little trip of it. We drove up on Easter Sunday & spent the night in the city... But not before listening to a seriously impressive amount of Broadway musicals while sitting in traffic on the way there.

Monday morning left us plenty of time for exploring the city, which I hadn't really spent much time in since I left George Mason & moved back home five years ago. But OH, how we love that place! It was so wonderful to be back. Except I never want to leave.

 ^ There's also like, zero pictures of Jared. But it's because I was too busy staring into his eyes. Seriously.  ^
 ^ We spent the morning wandering a meager 40 something blocks to Georgetown 
& had brunch at Baked & Wired ^
 ^ & of course, had to stop in at Anthropologie, 
right after tracking down the restaurant we ate at the night we got engaged. ^
 ^ Obligatory stop at Sprinkles. Le duh. ^
 ^ & then we took these pictures from the car, as we realized on the way to take pictures of the cherry blossoms at the Washington Monument that there was 1. not a cherry blossom in sight & 2. a LOT of spring break traffic. ONWARD, HO! ^
 ^ We got to stop by Manassas & caught up with Amelia, Andrew & Logan. But it's sort of not a trip to Northern VA without a stop to Tony's Pizza, a college favorite. (Favorite is an understatement.) ^
^ I mean, seriously. So. Freaking. Good. IT HAD BEEN TOO LONG, MY PINEAPPLED FRIEND. ^
 ^ & then we all spent the evening listening to the sweet music of Denison Whitmer & Noah Gundersen. ^

It was a seriously exhausting, seriously wonderful day. You can't beat uninterrupted time with the man you love in the city where you fell in love. Add in some sweet friends, bangin' pizza & perfect tunes? Let's go back. Seriously, let's go back. We kinda want to stay there forever. Maaaaybe a little more than kinda.

We love ya, DC.

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