DIY - marble-ous easter eggs

I have what some would probably call a childlike obsession with dyeing eggs at Easter. I remain unashamed, because there aren't very many "crafts" that are this easy, colorful, & delicious. We took a marbled approach this year, & it was basically as easy as all the Pinterest links said it would be... Shocking, right? (You can see our dip-dyed eggs from last year here.)

>> We started with a base color, using this blending guide. >> With five bowls of color (orange, pink, yellow, grass green, lime green), we split the eggs up into five groups. >> Placing one egg in each color, we left our first batch in for nearly 12 minutes to get a deep color. Keep checking that first batch to make sure your shells aren't eroding! >> From there, we reduced the length of time that the eggs spent in the dye by 2 minutes...ish (12, 8, 6, 4, & 1 minute). Doing this created a nice, even gradient of colors. >> Once all the colors are done (& you've taken pictures, obvi), add about a 1/2 cup of oil to the bowls of dye. We used olive oil, because to me, it seemed to be the densest oil. But that's just my opinion & I have zero scientific fact to back that up. >> Drop one egg at a time into the dye bowl. We learned that if you just drop it in, you obviously are going to get more dye coverage. If you use a fork to whisk up the oil a bit, it will spread the oil out, creating a more intricate pattern. >> We waited until this step to create a blue & a purple dye, which I would highly recommend. It's just a game of creativity from there. Marble one egg in multiple colors! Add more dye for more vibrant colors! Get cahhh-razzzy! >> But, also be willing to think in reverse - To keep a pastel egg light, whisk your dye A LOT before dropping it in. >> When you pull the eggs out, there will be oil. Lots of oil. Let them dry before you wipe them off! >> & voila! You have beautiful marbled eggs! Now take more pictures, then crack 'em open & get them deviled up! Yummm. 

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