easter sunday!

Well, hey there, ya'll! Last week somehow became an avoid-eye-contact-with-the-blogger-bookmark kind of week. It's funny how those sneak up. & speaking of sneaking up, Easter popped up really quickly! It was a jam packed weekend, & I have lots (LOTS) of pictures to make up for the blog silence. 

My family takes our Easter Sunday photos pretty seriously. For the last few years, it's been the family photo-op, & the color scheme planning has gotten ser-i-ous. It was downpouring aaaaall morning this Easter, so my parents' back patio replaced the typical outdoor scenery. Even with the added humidity from the rain, it was actually a perfect backdrop. So, without further ado... The Essmann Family Photo Sesh, 2013. (With some Sunday Best hiding out in the middle.)
^ Yeah, my parents are adorable. But let's talk about mom's SHOES. Blim-blam. ^
 ^ Voted best picture, 2013 - The Golden Doodle Photo Bomb ^
^ I ask her to be my light test & she does this. OH, OKAY. ^
 ^ Added a baby to this year's picture of The Girls ^
 ^ This dog loves having her picture taken. Like, she's smiling. ^
jacket - moss // shirt - j. crew // chambray bowtie - tie bar // pocket sqare - h&m // pants - uo // loafers - thrifted
shirt - h&m // skirt - t.j. maxx // heels - old navy // barrette - h&m + hot glue + ribbon

^ This part is so sad after all the work that goes into egg dye-ing ^
 ^ But then you make Sour Cream + Bacon Deviled Eggs & it's not so sad anymore ^
^ Then you get cocky & make Roasted Garlic + Chive Deviled Eggs & you're like, "What is sad?"
 ^ Mama's pretty table. ^
& we'll talk some more about those dyed eggs tomorrow. I'd also like to disclaimer that my hair is not actually THAT red, although it turns copper every single freaking time I try to go even the slightest bit darker. But gray skies & reflected light & blahhh blah blahhhh.

Gosh, this post is a little all over the place. It's a lot all over the place. But I'm watching a Cardinals game (HEYYYY BASEBALL SEASON!!!) over the top of my laptop, & then focusing the rest of my attention on not stealing cheese off of Jared's snack plate. #willpower #yearofthebridesmaid #butaaaallIwaaaaantischeeeeeeeeese


  1. "Avoid eye contact with the blogger bookmark"..haha. :) Looks like a great Easter! I'm not fond of deviled eggs at ALL...but I would probably CONSIDER trying yours. ;)

  2. This has to be my favorite blog post ever. I'm so grateful for your imaginative talents, which include photography and writing funny captions! Awesome.


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