scenes from the weekend

Pictured are things like: 
-Taking advantage of Target's seductive sales in the form of a new kitchen rugs
-Welcoming back sunsets that arrive after 6:00 p.m. when we're both home to see our family room flooded with bright light
-Enjoying our friends playing a fantastic show at the coffee shop around the corner... with other lovely friends who have beautiful smiles & adventure with us down to Granby St. to check out a block party that had already ended
-A perfect sunset on the walk home last night
-Selfies in the car as we spent our day sneaking around a rainy city while everyone else worked & we pretended that the Earth actually WANTED to spend its special day to be windy & very un-April-like
-But also, please take note, very briefly, that I... Kelsey Bethune... NAILED the winged eyeliner look for the first time in ever. Just for Earth Day. Or something.

It's Monday... & Tuesdays are my Monday at work. So, goodnight, weekend. See ya in just another few days.

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