a windy little picnic

This is one of those things that I imagine I'll look back on a year from now & sort of *facepalm* that I actually deemed it internet-worthy... Between the shakiness & the dirt the lens acquired on the walk to the park from our apartment, it's a little lackluster. But it's still a little memory of a picnic & heel-clicks in the park on a pretty, spring day in May. Plus, I could listen to this song over & over & over again. It would almost certainly be on the soundtrack if my life were a movie.

We've been having to make the most of our "weekends" since it usually ends up that I work at least half of Sundays & Jared half of Mondays. Yesterday, that meant sleeping in, overlooking typical Monday chores & taking a walk to the park. I'm getting the want-a-vacation itch, so every little thing that involves me + Jared + not being in our apartment/at work helps. I may have closed my eyes for a minute & pretended we were on holiday in San Francisco or Barcelona. Heightened levels of the vacation sads, folks.

But it's okay! Because, heel-clicks! Right? 

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  1. I love it, completely lovely! I'm in the same boat of capture the memories no matter how shaky (and in my case, iPhone quaility) ;)


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