rainy may day

If you ask me what my favorite movie is, I will not hesitate for a second to tell you that it is, in fact,  Remember the Titans. Yep, that one. I don't even like football, but somehow this movie won me over. (For the record, Ryan Gosling was my favorite character, even back in 2000. When he looked like this. Yeah, true fan.) I always figured that somewhere between age 12 & 24, I would reevaluate & upgrade my answer from a Disney movie that's sorta-kinda-loosely based on a true story. It hasn't. I'm only a teensy bit sorry.

This is all important because I've been on the hunt for the soundtrack disc for the last two months of warmer weather. This is one of those cds that if it was possible to wear out a disc, I would have. The soundtrack is delicious mix of The Hollies & Buck Owens & Norman Greenbaum... Happiness in a soundtrack for me. I know this disc still exists. Somewhere. I've moved four times in the last five years, & I'm devastated at the thought that I've lost it. For whatever reason, I have decided that it's worth it to continue searching for the missing disc rather than purchasing the soundtrack on iTunes. That's the stubbornness talking, but I'm pretending that it's because I'm frugal. I have instead turned to the Cat Stevens station on Pandora, which is fulfilling my need for 70's folk-rock goodness.

As I was driving today, with the windows down & Don Mclean crooning about chevys and levies & whiskey & rye, there was honeysuckle. I couldn't see honeysuckle, but it was there, filling the air. It's such a childhood smell. Honeysuckle: the lifelong constant that summer is almost here. School is almost out. The neighborhood pool is almost open. The beach is almost a good idea. Spring is almost over.

Some things haven't changed in the last 12 years. I will always cry when the Titans (spoiler alert) win the championship & the smell of honeysuckle is still the smell of one season's end & another season's beginnings. Um, & Ryan Gosling is still my favorite.

Alright. This afternoon's weather has gone from sunny & humid to torrential downpours, & now just overcast & humid. This has resulted in too much introspective/nonsensical writing, overdosing on iced coffee, NOT finding my Remember the Titans CD & forgetting to rotate the laundry. I get an A+ today ;)

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  1. No such thing as "too much introspective" writing. In my humble opinion. :)


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