monday best - post mother's day edition

 boatneck - H&M // skirt - vintage // hat - cotton on // sunnies - UO

I just realized that I'm the jerk posting outfit photos the day after Mother's Day instead of an ode to my wonderful mom & mother-in-law... plus all the other mothers in my life. & they are all wonderful. I just got so excited that I actually took outfit photos for once! Even if my hair looks slightly lifeless towards the bottom. It's fine. It's totally fine.

We got to see both of our moms & 2 out of the 4 sisters that are mothers yesterday, which is probably a record for us. It was simply perfect weather, which made for a pleasant afternoon of flower delivering & mom-hugs. I wish there was more time in the week for us to see our moms, since they both live no more than 20 minutes away from us. They are truly lovely, classy ladies. Well, lovely & classy with a touch of sass - & we respect the sass around these parts, because otherwise, we never would have made it past our first conversation all those years ago.

I had an event in the morning & one of the caterers cautiously approached & asked if I was a mother in a calculated attempt to get bonus points with the big, bad event manager. I said no, but thanks for asking. It's funny, because growing up, I was always perplexed when the couples that got married at our church reached their two year anniversary without any babies showing up. When we first started dating, I figured we'd have a baby as soon as possible after getting married. But here we are! Two & a half years in, & prayerfully fine with it being just the two of us, for now. I am so... so excited to meet our kiddos someday & pass along the sass to the next generation. But in the meantime, I'm just taking notes from our moms, our sisters & friends, while munching on all the niece & nephew cheeks that I can get my hands on.

& for the record, Jared is the one who gets baby fever in this house. I'm still stuck on puppy.

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