seven years

Seven years ago today,  Jared & I took a bike ride to this little garden in my parents' neighborhood, & he asked me to be his girlfriend. Dating anniversaries are maybe supposed to fall by the wayside as years go by & wedding rings are acquired, but every year, May 27th has remained special for us. Somehow, we already knew that getting into a relationship that day wasn't going to just be another girlfriend or boyfriend. I was sure 48 hours into knowing him that I would be his wife. & just like that (with a couple hundred years in between), we are at seven whole years. 2,555 days of hand-holding, forehead-kissing, flower-giving, fist-bumping, share-dessert love.

I pulled together a few (hilarious) photos to commemorate the last seven years of Jared + Kelsey. I can't apologize enough for the puka necklaces & buzz cuts. It's been a lot of fun to pull all these photos out today. (& if you just can't get enough of us, I wrote about how we met here.)

Click the read more below to see all seven years of Jared & Kelsey glory!


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