style // 03

chambray button-down - kohl's // pin - j.crew // earrings - uo // pants - h&m // heels - target

Happy October! OCTOBERRRR!!!! I love this month from my toes to my nose! I am an October baby through & through - This month just gets my blood a-pumpin'. Does everyone's birthday month seem sort of magical or is this just something that October people feel? Even though turning 25 is now only 10 days away (& I'm still a little mortified at that thought), I am so excited to celebrate some of my favorite people's birthdays & our big THREE YEAR (whattttt??) anniversary at the end of the month. It's going to be a month full of fun, & pumpkin & cider & maybe some tears over that whole 25-years-old thing, but that's fine. That is juuuuuust fine.

Also happening this month? Kohl's, at least one more time. I'm mad at every single one of you that didn't clue me in on the goldmine that awaited me inside that place... It was magical! Thanks for the chambray, Kohl's!

Other cool things that happened today - Drank a pumpkin chai latte & did not love it, so I can check that one off the list. Went to the doctor & navigated my way through an entire conversation about insurance and co-pays like an adult. Read this buzzfeed article in the doctor's waiting room & snorted (twice). Walked past a box on the sidewalk outside our apartment & had an 8-ish-year-old boy (Am I the only person that is TERRIBLE at guessing kid ages? I can't even speculate as to what age I was in 4th grade.) jump out of said box, scaring the beshnikes out of me while his younger brother videotaped the whole thing and managed to NOT curse. Came home to roses that are the prettiest shade of peach. Jammed out to Eminem's "Lose Yourself" because I just cannot control myself when that song comes on. Enjoyed happy hour at a local winery with a dear friend. & managed to spit a blog entry out before el husbo got home from work. I'd say my work here is done.

Just kidding, I also want to publicly declare my love & admiration to Wynter, my amazing hair stylist & favorite life-lover, who is making all of my blonde dreams come true this year. She is zeh behst!


  1. Yes! I agree on your hair stylist shoutout. I was just looking at the pics thinking, "Kelsey's hair looks like a different color. A PERFECT blonde color."


    1. You're too kind - & she's too good! I think last year was my last attempt at going dark for a while. Blonde is definitely my happy place!


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