three year anniversary

It's somehow our three year (THREE YEARS!) anniversary today. I can't wrap my brain around that. Especially because it's the week of the busiest event at work (AKA, the place where I used to work, then quit in July, then have been working as a contractor for the last three months) & Wednesdays are just really terrible days to try to stop & soak up love-dovie-ness when you're both working full-time. So, with promises of a make-up date on Sunday, & a bottle of champagne, we are enjoying a little evening at home. 

I still want to wax poetic about my Jared, so considered yourself warned. As for this evening, I'll continue to sob my way through Pride & Prejudice - Watching this really seemed like a great idea since our wedding ceremony was filled with its soundtrack, but instead has just made this pms-ing wife turn into a waterfall as I relive that lovely day. Jared is literally down at the shop around the corner buying coffee ice-cream to go with the right-out-the-oven-brownies that I plan on burying myself into in 11.5 minutes. 

You guys, he lives with ^ this ^ every day. The man is a champion. & I am SO happy to be his wife.

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