style // the denim dress

hat - charming charlie's // dress - old navy // belt - j.crew( j's side of the closet) // heels - gap

This, friends, is the face of a girl who is very happy. Happy because of her polka dot chapeau. Happy because this perfectly dainty denim dress (in all of its stays-ironed-for-30-seconds-glory) only cost $7. Happy because after some crazy record amount of days without rain, it finally down poured 10 minutes after we took these pictures.

I was really going a little nuts without any rainy days. The same way that the rest of the world doesn't want to get out of bed on a rainy morning is how I feel when I wake up & realize the sun is out. I think this is due mostly to my innate desire to spend my entire day inside, crafting or writing or whatever-ing, & I feel guilty if I'm ignoring the sunshine & breeze. The rest of it is due to my innate desire to wear my rain boots every chance I get.

But back to happy. I'm turning 25 this week. On Friday, actually. Remember when your birthday falling on a weekend was a big deal? I guess if I had a regular Monday-Friday job, it would still be a big deal. But it isn't nearly as crucial when I'm not being told that I still have to go to school even though it's my birthday. I definitely don't feel 25... Or feel like I look 25... Or act 25... But I have 4 days to get it together. 

However, I did manage to wear lip stain AND lipstick today, & there's definitely something very quarter-of-a-century old about that, in my opinion.


because lezz be frandz.