26 Things to Love About Jared Bethune

Jared turned 26 yesterday... 26! We keep getting older & it keeps not feeling like we're old enough to be x age. But does that ever start happening? I'm just glad he gets to test it out for 7 months before me... It makes it a little less intimidating ;)

We had our share of the Winter Storm Titan (who names these things?) yesterday, so once I got home from a half day at my part time job, we were basically stuck with Netflix & snow day cuddles. Not a shabby way to spend a birthday, but only because we unknowingly made the smartest decision ever by going grocery shopping & buying a dozen donuts the day before. Thank GOD, because those donuts were heaven-sent as the ice hit the window & it became clear that our dinner plans were not happening. We made the most of it & set up camp (air mattress & allllll the blankets) in the family room. 

So! Since there's only so many ways to take pictures of watching Frozen & drinking coffee, I'm instead sharing 26 things about my 26-year-old love.

26 Things to Love About Jared Bethune

  1. The way he can make both our moms laugh
  2. His love for paisley
  3. He's a perfect duet parter 
  4. His joy in hospitality
  5. & mad bartending skills
  6. The many laughs: silent laugh, the "HAha!", the tongue in teeth, etc.
  7. His Stefon & Jerry Seinfeld impressions
  8. Coffee every morning
  9. He's mastered eggs benedict
  10. The way he believes in people
  11. His fabby hair
  12. He freaks out over cute dogs & the Olympics with me
  13. & can ballroom dance while naming all of the Empire's commanding officers from Star Wars
  14. He will watch Dexter's Lab & Power Puff Girls whenever given the chance
  15. The way he will see me on the computer & ask if I'm "Kenny Bloggins"
  16. Brownies & coffee ice-cream at any hour of the day
  17. He gets all melty over our nieces & nephews
  18. The fact that he's a super fit, health-conscious guy, but has come into the room three times since I started writing this to tell me he wants corn dogs, Taco Bell & "those pocket pizza things"
  19. How hard he tries not to snore
  20. His appreciation of the old, the unique, the handmade & the imperfect
  21. The way he plays his current favorite song over & over, learning its soul
  22. His pursuit of not just knowing, but understanding things - top to bottom, inside & out
  23. He has an undying love (passion?) for havarti cheese
  24. His arm is always ready for mine & I haven't opened a door/car door in his presence since I met him
  25. The way he can make any person feel at ease
  26. & his happiness in all the things, big or small
Psst, Jared! I'm so excited for your 26th year, babe. You are my everything & really, my joy. xo


  1. This. Is. ADORABLE. I love it :) You guys are so cute! Happy Birthday, Jared!

    1. Haha, thank-you! I always feel like I'm on the fine line between sweet & gross with posts like this ;)

  2. This is SO sweet. Awh you guuuuuuuuuuys :)

    1. YOU'RE so sweet. But seriously, promise to tell me if that smoozsh factor gets to be too much. I TRUST YOU.


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