wearing - 11/50

blazer - Target // ruffled shirt - Amerian Eagle // skirt - Loft // tights - Charlotte Russe // boots - TJ Maxx

I hadn't been to this giant garden center since I was a little girl, dragging my feet & shlumping my shoulders as my mom frolicked around in botanical heaven. When Kelsie suggested we visit, 6 yr. old Kelsey sighed & hoped there'd be a frosty at the end of our trip like the good ol' days. 25 yr. old Kelsey was really excited & yet, the teensiest bit sad, as my luck with keeping plants alive has been ohhhhh, non-existant? since I started a serial killing spree with orchids in college. The spree then moved on to bamboo (Yep, I can kill bamboo. It's on my resume.), then succulents, then herbs. The first step is admitting you have a problem right?

I didn't purchase anything, but there was definitely frolicking. Wide eyed wonder, really, especially since Kelsie knows what she's talking about & guided me around like a pro. (Step 2, higher power, check.) I like, no, I LOVE to believe that our someday yard & garden will change my horticultural stars. I'm clinging to that, actually, because the promise of citrus trees is maybe the only thing that could convince me to become a homeowner. Not that I don't want to own a home but... Perhaps it's my bad history with planting roots.

There's no way to end this post without mentioning that as of last night, I'm all caught up with Scandal now & I hate it but I love it but I hate it but I can't stop, won't stop. Is this a normal reaction?


  1. Lovely photos!

    Ahhh, I'm the same way with plants.. in fact the guy I'm subleasing from here, reminded me explicitly to take care of his little window plant... well, I've genuinely tried but... it's suffering man!


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