wearing - 8/50

 polka dot shirt & necklace - J. Crew // sweatshirt - Forever 21 // pants - H&M // flats - Urban Outfitters

I'm trying to embrace the cold & snow, because Jared & I dream of Northern living, but liiiike... I think it's the limited pairs of boots that are getting to me. & pants. LAWD, I am sick of pants. Every morning, I'm maybe 20% convinced that a dress or skirt is a good idea... & then my feet hit the very cold hardwood floor & I retreat back under the down comforter - My favorite creation in all the land. My kingdom for a down comforter! Aaaand then I usually put on a pair of tights and a pair of pants and a tall pair of socks and my highest pairs of boots. I mean, whatta wimp!? But a warm wimp. A-HA.

Since I seem to have situated myself into a winter lull, it seemed only right to venture over to the adorable & dare I say? perfect Studio Posy for some floral cheer. Thanks for letting us crash your store for pictures, Marissa! Please pretend not to notice when that couch goes missing & shows up in my Instagram pictures because I am quite in love.

Photos by Kelsie of With Lavender & Lace


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    1. My friend Kelsie (there's so many of us!) was freaking out when she took it. It doesn't show much of my outfit but it was worth sharing ;)

  2. This is definitely my favourite outfit post so far! Lovely.

    1. Why, thank you, lovely! The polka dots were a pick-me-up that I'd highly recommend.


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