wearing - 9/50

cardigan & pumps - Target // shirt  & shirt - Forever 21 // lip gloss - NARS, Super Orgasm

Alternate Title 1: How To Dress While Shopping Solely at Two Soul-Sucking Mega Stores 
Alternate Title 2: Look Legs, The Sun!
Alternate Title 3: Today I Tied a Knot in My Hair
Alternate Title 4: Put a Ribbon On It

Odd to think that this time last week, snow was melting away. 68 degrees is WAY more Virginia, Virginia. Keep up the good work. These legs need aaaaall the sunshine & warm weather that you can throw at 'em. & so, it was with mirth & a bit of giggling that I cast aside the black tights I considered donning for this outfit, making the full commitment to unsheathe the great whites. You're welcome!

I have to throw roses & thanks & props & love to my sister, Meredith, who not only supplied half my wardrobe for today but also took these pictures at the last minute. Never mind almost getting hit by several minivans on their way to the grocery store just around the corner or the fact that I picked a wind tunnel to stand in - She made the magic happen. Hopefully the Starbucks stop afterwards showed my appreciation but really, sisters are just simply the best. ... Especially sisters with clothes to share.


  1. Nice post!!! I'm in love with your hair, so pretty :)

    1. Thank-you! There's a bit too much of it (hair), so I've been having to get creative recently!

  2. Love this outfit.. And the hair! Will this knotted style be the next tutorial?

    1. If I can figure out how to do it without using 67 bobby pins, yes! ;)


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