carytown burgers

Amelia & Andrew got married at the end of May,
(see the beautiful photos on Korie's blog here)
& we have all EAGERLY anticipated hanging out as married folk ever since.
With a super busy summer of work, events, internships and school,
it seemed like we'd never figure our schedules out...
But as four (of five) kindred spirits (we missed you, Allison!)
we pulled strings & made a Richmond Monday happen.

Um, we pretty much just ate & talked & laughed & then ate some more.
But can you blame us when we're in a city with eats like Carytown Burgers?
Bring on the California Burger.

xo, kelsey

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  1. I've totally eaten at one of those, maybe the same?! so very delicious. I am so very jealous.


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