in the chaos

It's a busy, busy week around here.
Our church is in the middle of our VBS program, which has been in the evening for the last two years.
 I lead the music, Jared writes/directs/acts in the skit, then usually teaches a class.
 It's always fun & fulfilling, but it's a beast of a week going straight from work
 to jumping around & singing at 100% energy for 3 hours.

Driving home last night, we both noticed the sky at the same moment in our separate cars.
He pointed, then gave me the sunset, like he has for the past 5 years, & I smiled like a little girl.

It's just good that in the chaos that sometimes strikes,
there are beautiful constants in my life...
Like beautiful sunsets & a handsome man to lasso it for me.

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  1. It's better than good! So sweet. :) I just wrote a blog post (currently unpublished) that is SO similar. Ironic, yes?


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