a hurricane in pictures

Did some "necessities" shopping to take to my parents'
(where we bunked for the weekend).
Twizzlers & avocado = mine.
Everything else = his.

I wasn't going to do much storm prep besides take the wreath off the door & clean out the fridge...
But I got antsy when I got home from work,
& ended up pulling everything off perimeter walls & the back porch.
ps. i love my mugs.

On the drive over to my parents'
I got sentimental over not seeing the sun for x amount of hours.

We basically watched the news all night + Galaxy Quest (yessuhhh)
& by bedtime, the dogs were in some sort of storm's-a-brewin' tizzy.
We slept with both dogs on our air mattress.
(Because they love us most.)

Good morning, Irene!
The backyard + cow pasture

Dad fired up some crepes...

Jared busted out his omelette skills.
& we feasted.

Eating, watching/laughing at our local news coverage, watching Harry Potter movies 
& hanging out with my family + our friend Tiffany (& her pup, Lucy) made for quite the enjoyable hurricane. 
We never lost power for more than a few minutes.
 My parents' house sustained very little damage.
Our apartment was practically untouched.
God is good, all deh time.

Plus, I totally got flowers out of the whole deal.
I believe his exact words were, "I got you Happy-Hurricane! flowers!"
I'll take it ;)

xo, kelsey


  1. When you said cow pasture all i could think about was COW TIPPING. And how much i always wished we could go. And a comment A.denny made about a certain ymv'er that had something to do with cow tipping.

  2. P.s. You look so pretty with your happy hurricane flowers. I'll be back in town for hair-touch ups and birthday celebrations. <3

  3. 1. that patio furniture looks VERY similar to ours, and we've been looking for some round lights for our porch, too. do you remember where those are from, per chance?
    2. the crepes look delicious, and made me think of exactly the spot in springfield where i'd take you for lunch if you were in town. lunch, red velvet shopping, coffee downtown...i've pretty much planned the perfect outing. :)
    3. so glad the hurricane passed safely by you! xo, right back at ya.

  4. Gretch! Come back in town & save some pennies, because I need a ped-uh-CURE. SURRSLY.

    Em - Our patio furniture is from Panera, ha! & I'm pretty sure that we got THOSE lights at Garden Ridge. They're almost like a durable plastic - Not sure what they're actually made of? But the ones we used at the wedding (for the dance floor) were from Target, & they have them year round for outdoor furniture!


because lezz be frandz.