don't be mean, irene.

At the oceanfront, June 2006
I bet you were crossing your fingers for one of the first pictures ever taken of Jared & I.

Our first pictures together are actually from my high school graduation,
but I'm not sure the internet is ready for those photos just yet.
Start crossing those fingers now for that sneak peek ;)

I started to convince myself that things were slowing down & summer adventures were coming to a close,
but thought(?) a bit too soon.
Hurricane Irene is heading our way, & everyone is gearing up for a hurricane-y weekend.
For us, this means making space in my parents' garage so my little Cabrio doesn't float away,
& settling in until we can all emerge from our burrows & start clean-up.

Maybe it's just that southern VA isn't affected annually by earthquakes, swamp fires & hurricanes (oh-my),
but this little wife is feeling a little the-world-is-ending-y,
& I'm fighting the MUSTHAVEBABYNOW feelings that are overtaking my ovaries.
[Quick, someone get this girl a kitten.]

Power loss is imminent, so I'm not sure how active I'll be around these parts,
(although how amazing would it be if we didn't lose power & I spent 48 stormy hours blogging & Pintrest-ing)...
But please please please! 
Stay safe, everyone... from Flawduh to Jersey!

In the mean time, I'm going back to devising recipes using uncooked pasta noodles, cream of tartar, vanilla extract & popcorn kernels.
Heeeey, pantry!

xo, kelsey

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