an afternoon with Shirley

The wedding went wonderfully, & we are so happy for our brother & brand new sister.
The newest Bethunes are now honeymooning in Mexico,
& we are in full blown "recovery mode" today, which has involved: 

-sleeping in later than I'm willing to admit
-a trip to the bank, like real adults
-tossing the unwanted bachelor party leftovers that made their way into my fridge
-sitting on the couch folding the clean laundry that has overtaken our apartment over the weekend
-drinking Shirley Temples because I'm on a ginger ale kick
-watching Phantom of the Opera, circa. 2004 on HBO 
-whining about how awful it is, even though neither of us has changed the channel yet
-planning for dinner on our porch because, HELLO beautiful weather!

With coordinating duties taking over, I neglected to take any photos of the weekend.
I'll be back with a more organized plan. 
Promise ;)

xo, kelsey

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