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LOFT BEDS - I am so thrilled to HAVE a new apartment to move into after quite the hellacious apartment hunt but my, oh my, is our new place teeny. I keep day dreaming about building a lofted bed for just a smidgeon of extra space.
GIN - I've been on a bit of a gin kick this summer, mostly due to the fact that I refuse to go to the liquor store alone, & with Jared gone the last three months, I drank whatever he had left on the bar cart. Currently obsessed with this basil French 75.
WISH I WAS HERE - This album has been the soundtrack to our move, & each song is perfection. It's been on repeat the last couple of weeks, so I know whenever I hear it in the future, it will take me back to this wacky summer. Can't wait for a date night with Jared once we're both finally in DC to go see the film. 
WEDDING BOUQUET - I almost... almost threw my dried wedding bouquet with this most recent move. Such a sentimental thing to still have but omggggg it sheds so much. & the dust! It made the trip to Washington sitting in the passenger seat, so it lives to see another apartment... But I'm still searching for a practical way to use it in decor. Loving this garland, but not confident I could manage to keep the flowers in tact. We shall see!
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