wearing - 26/50

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hat - borrowed from Kelsie // kimono - TJ Maxx // dress - Target // boots - Old Navy // June Jar (1/3 grapefruit juice, 2/3 water)

You may someday find yourself in a TJ Maxx, sifting through rack upon rack of "Is this actually cute or comparatively cute?" clothing items, none of which you actually need but, hey! You're feeling a little stressed. This is therapeutic. You may even think to yourself, "Maybe there's soft sheets on sale!" which there never are, & you know that, but you mosey on to the back of the store anyway. You may see, out of the very corner of your eye, a pretty water color pattern that you're sure you saw a little fashion fairy scamper behind after she sprinkled her trend-finding fairy dust over your head. You may gasp a little, because it's a darling kimono & you've been searching for one for 2 months. You may also be confused for a second, because MY! those are some fancy house-dresses on the rack next to it & ohhhh, yeah, this is the lingerie department. But you will definitely decide "To hell with it!" & convince yourself that this was obviously just put in the wrong place because YOU were meant to find it. This could happen to you -- & I know, because this happened. to. me. It's adorable, right? Not too pajama-y? You know what, don't tell me. I love it.

I keep avoiding writing a new post since my brain is a steady stream of apartment hunting thoughts. I have been subconsciously replacing words in every day conversation with the word "apartment" (ex. "So, then we went to the apart... beach! The beach.") & continually catch myself working the hunt into conversations, even though I know no one cares as much as Jared & I do. We have 3 weeks left on our lease in Norfolk, & theeeen... Well, I'd really love to have a new place to move our things into, instead of a storage unit.

Omg, see? A PARAGRAPH. Just like that. In conclusion, send 1BR+ not-scary-neighborhood + Hardwood Floors-y thoughts in our direction, please.

Iiiiiiin other news, it rained so hard this afternoon that our entire city was basically underwater, & I walked home, & I'd really love for my car to be unscathed when I get to work tomorrow morning. ... & I just remembered that means I have to wake up a half hour earlier UGH.

So, pretty kimonos for days & days! < -- Happy thoughts!


  1. Love the kimono! Also, I think you basically just described every shopping experience I've ever had in TJ Maxx. Its a shopping vortex!! Haha.

    Wishing you luck with the apartment hunting!

    Taylor | Tea Marie Blog

  2. you're cute & i love you. (& i seriously hope there's a tj maxx within driving distance that we can go to in dc because after reading this post, i'm having some serious withdrawals.)

  3. Girl, your legs look awesome!

  4. I love that kimono!!! And seriously, your hair is SO GORGEOUS! Tell me your secrets!

  5. This post is so cute and witty and just adorable haha. And the kimono is just to die for :)

  6. You're adorable. Love that kimono; I've been on the hunt for one too! I may have to stop at my local TJ Maxx now...

  7. Such a great outfit! Seriously a jackpot hidden in the depths of TJ Maxx. I absolutely love your style. Not sure if I could pull this outfit off but I really love it! And retail therapy is a great way to keep your brain off the move! :)


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