this month - july

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EATING - perhaps a taco or two as a reward for a month without them.
DRINKING - a birthday cheers this weekend to my bestie, Amelia!
PRACTICING - self control in regards to 4th of July food in all of its not-whole glory...
MASTERING - Craigslist apartment hunting skills. 
LEARNING - a lot about DC neighborhoods & the part-time jobs that are not available.
PLAYING - in the pool with my niece, who has figured out how to swim at 1.5 yrs. old #geniusbaby
FINISHING - up at my job & packing up our Norfolk apartment by the end of the month!
READING - too many design blogs, pretending that we'll have money left over to decorate after paying rent, ha!
WATCHING - a lot of soccer, & a lot of Grey's Anatomy.
WALKING - across the street from work for coffee more often than I care to admit. Is summer fatigue a thing?
WEARING - clogs whenever I can, bandeaus instead of bras & a top knot almost every day.
COOKING - on my own, & I haven't sliced any appendages yet. *knock on wood*
WORKING - on a plan to turn our four post bed into a low platform bed for the new place.
TRAVELING - to DC one more time before it's home to visit with Emily!
WANTING - Christmas. What?? It's July 1st, I can't help it.
 Whatcha doin' this month?

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  1. "not-whole glory!" I like it! I'm starting my fourth whole30 july 16! Woot!


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