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Whew, you guys.

Things are getting a little intense around here. There's going to be some (more-than-usual) radio silence around here as we get this apartment packed up & close out ohhhh so many teeny tiny details. I have reached the point that I'm constantly on the verge of hysterical tears/laughter, because you either cry or laugh when you have a week to pack up an apartment & there's no new apartment in sight to know what goes into storage & what goes on the proverbial moving truck. Can't. Breathe. Need. Paper bag. Also considering making one of those "Take Them A Meal" pages that churches do for new parents, only for me, by me. Bad idea? Yes?

I did wash & pack the flokati on Monday, which is basically like juggling cats while driving a moped on the highway (what does that even mean??) so *high five*

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