aaaaand we're back!

Yaaaaay for front facing iphone camera quality at niiiiiiight

Hey there! Bonjour! All those sweet hellos!

We are BACK from our incredible & exhausting & comprehensive & gorgeous & insanely fun holiday to London & Paris. I can't believe it has come & gone! We left with Halloween decorations everywhere & came back to Christmas music. The weather is also decidedly frigid now, here in DC, so hi, winter? I guess?

You probably aren't surprised that I never did pop in to blog but good golly, was I unprepared for how difficult it would be to access wifi over there. Not complaining - It was actually great fun to have such an intense break from phones & texts & 24/7 social media access. But if you were someone I was supposed to be emailing at some point over the past 10 days... Well, I'm almost sorry. Mostly sorry because I'm a bad adult. Partially not sorry because EUROPE. 

I took over 1900 photos while we were abroad, & I haven't even taken the card out of my camera to start sifting through them. We both came home & went straight back to work the next day, so that vacation-from-vacation most certainly didn't happen. I don't like to use the "adventure" word (because it's right up there with "vintage" & "bohemian" *shiver*) but it seems more accurate than "vacation" in terms of this trip. We truly didn't stop moving & saw nearly all the things, so I'm cherishing this moment, on the couch, drinking apple cider, catching up on Olivia Benson's latest feat... Ignoring laundry.

I'll be recapping our trip just as soon as I get things organized, & sharing some tips we collected & wished-we-had-known along the way. But for now? Cider.

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  1. glad to read that you're back.can't wait to read your traveling posts..

    xo josephine c.


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